Harvest Right Food Freeze Dryer

Approx. Price: $2,295.00

Create custom, highly palatable emergency food stores and economize with daily leftovers.

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Harvest Right’s Home Freeze Dryer produces storable food that’s far less expensive than store bought freeze dried food.  Used for leftovers the Home Freeze Dryer is a household money saver.  The Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer uses no chemicals to freeze dry food.  HarvestRight makes three sizes of freeze dryer, with special versions for the home, for commercial use, for pharmaceutical use, and for scientific use.

Affordable, Tasty Freeze Dried Food

Freeze dried food tastes about like freshly cooked food when reconstituted with hot (or cold) water.  Having your own freeze dryer allows you to choose the ingredients you prefer, and to pay less than store bought brands.  Living on you own cooking in an emergency may be more pleasant than eating store bought freeze dried food for a prolonged period.

An Investment For Regular Users

Freeze drying is more complicated than other forms of food preservation.  One of our neighbor owns a Harvest Right and loves it.  Online reviewers also like their freeze dryers, but note that:  freeze dryers are large, freeze drying is slow, checks are required during drying, and the standard pump is noisier than the optional, oil-free pump.  A dedicated 20 amp electric line is recommended for the small and medium freeze dryers, and is required for the large model.  (Please check before ordering.)

Investing in a freeze dryer may be best for those creating larger food stores, for families seeking to save money with leftovers, and for those preferring to store organic or grass-fed food.

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Harvest Right Food Freeze Dryer
Approx. Price: $2,295.00