Leatherman Signal Multitool

Approx. Price: $139.95

Leatherman’s Signal multitool is designed for camping and also sports mechanical tools.  The Signal includes a fire-starting ferro rod, 420HC combo blade, and emergency whistle.

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Leatherman’s Signal multitool combines 19 useful tools into a compact, 4.5 inch size. It’s designed for outdoors survival, equipped with a fire-starting ferro rod, 420HC combination straight and serrated blade, and emergency whistle.

The Signal’s mechanical tools include a customizable bit driver and a hammer.  The Signal comes with a nylon sheath.

Leatherman Signal Multitool

Tools Included

  1. Needlenose Pliers
  2. Regular Pliers
  3. Premium Replaceable Wire Cutters
  4. Premium Replaceable Hard-wire Cutters
  5. Wire Stripper
  6. 420HC Combo Knife
  7. Saw
  8. Hammer
  9. Awl w/ Thread Loop
  10. Can Opener
  11. Bottle Opener
  12. 1/4” Hex Bit Drive
  13. Bit Driver
  14. 1/4″ Box Wrench
  15. Carabiner
  16. 3/16″ Box Wrench
  17. Safety Whistle
  18. Ferrocerium Rod
  19. Diamond-coated Sharpener

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Leatherman Signal Multitool fanned open
Leatherman Signal Multitool
Approx. Price: $139.95